Can you print my 'printable' digital files I've purchased from Etsy?

Yes. Absolutely.

However, there's a few things we've come across with these types of files that can be confusing.

Firstly, most of these files are designed for 'printing at home'. Usually this means they're assuming you'll be printing on A4 paper or card on your home printer, then trimming them to finished size with a ruler and blade or a home trimmer.

They try not to confuse you (which is fair enough) with print industry standards like bleed and crop marks and lay up the design so you get the most out of your A4 paper size. i.e. two or four to a page etc.

And we can certainly print it exactly like this for you. You just need to order A4 prints and upload your artwork. Your printing will be extremely high quality (dependent on the quality of the image of course) on the beautiful stock you choose.

However, when you order like this, you'll need to do the trimming to finished size yourself. This is because generally there is no bleed or crop marks and we would have to cut off some of the design to remove the line and bleed the design off the edge of the page. 

But - if you'd like us to trim it to finished size, we'll need your design quite differently as we print using a much larger sheet size and trim to cut marks according to print industry standards. We'll require:

1. Your artwork to have a minimum of 3mm bleed

2. Be supplied as a single invite, RSVP etc. (so we can impose it on the much larger sheets we print on)

3. If there is variable data e.g. 50 x guest names, you'll need to supply your PDF with 50 pages (one for each guest name)

Here's our complete artwork guidelines you can supply your designer if you wish for us to trim and supply you with the correct finished size item.

For any printing performed by our Printery, you'll always be covered by our Printery Guarantee...



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