What's the best way to print lots of samples?

You can do either of the following:

  • If you need 25 designs all of the same size (and on the same stock), create a 25 page PDF and order 25 of the item (qty ordered must match up to PDF page qty). Note: SINGLE SIDED prints or COMMON REVERSE only...  
  • If they’re all different sized items (but the same stock), impose them yourself on an A4 or A3. Once again, create as many pages in your PDF as you need and order the quantity you require (which would of course match up with the pages in your PDF). 


What you order is what you get. If you order A4 pages, that’s what you’ll receive. If you order 120x180mm, that’s what you’ll receive. Even if your A3 has 120x180mm designs, we'll trim to the size ordered, not the size on you artwork.

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