Can I order samples?

If you're after specific samples of our papers or envelopes, simply search the item on our website, then click on the 'single sample pricing' button and add to your cart.


We'll pick and pack as many individual items you require for samples or mock-ups. All with individual labels so you'll know what's what when it comes to ordering larger quantities.


Our invitation pockets are made to order with a minimum order of 50. Therefore, manufacturing a one-off pocket as a sample is simply not viable.

However, we do have pockets you can order as a sample to see the pocket size and shape.

On our website, go to the pocket item you would like a sample of. 

Click on 'Order A Sample' to order a 'lucky dip' paper stock of that pocket. To see the stock itself, order a single A4 sample, which is available off the shelf.


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