Does Peterkin offer design services?

Although we have extremely talented designers in-house, their skills are to assist our Designer clients and expertly operate our complicated press machines.

If you're looking for someone to create something beautiful for you, take a look at our Instagram or Facebook feeds to see work created by designers who use our Printery. They're the ones who are 'in the know' and understand what's available and how to create artwork for print. You can then either have them organise us to print for you or you can order the printing direct via our website.

We only re-post work created by designers who've given us permission to do so. 

You can also try having a look at Etsy, Design Crowd or Upwork.

Make sure your chosen designer has read and understand our Artwork Guidelines so the artwork you send to us for professional printing is created perfectly and won't cause you any headaches.


Professional Designers use professional software, mainly Adobe Creative Suite. This is because it creates high quality artwork, which is needed for a high quality print.

Otherwise if you're game to create your own, there's a wonderful online design software, Canva, and it's free too.

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