I want The Printery to print my invitations, what stock should I choose?

That really depends on what look you are going for…

  • Recycled - have a look at either the Shiro Bianco White or Botany Naturaliste.
  • Kraft - go for either the Botany Naturaliste or the Buffalo Board.
  • Metallic/Shimmer - choose the Glamour Puss Diamond White.
  • Have photographic images - choose either the Milkshake Snowball or Marshmallow Crisp White.
  • After the ever-popular watercolour look, pick either the Crane Lettra, Boston, Via Vellum or Gmund Colors.
  • Want texture - then try the Versa Felt, Coco Linen or Classic Linen.

For further information on the stocks available at The Printery, have a look here...

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