How do I set up my artwork for digital printing?

All artwork should be set 1 up to size in a print ready PDF
Please make sure all text is converted to curves/outlines, this will insure that there will be no changes to the fonts.

All important text and graphics must be in at least 5mm from the edge. This is to allow for movement when printing, and running the risk of being cut off when trimmed.

Ensure you convert all colours to CMYK. This is vital for your job to produce desirable results.

  • Please allow for a difference in colour between what is shown on your screen and what is printed. When printing in CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black), various factors will affect the colour.
  • You cannot determine how the colour will print by what you see on your screen, every screen is different and every printer prints one colour differently.
  • We colour calibrate our digital press daily to minimize colour variation, however consistency is not guaranteed, this is simply the nature of printing in CMYK. There is potentially a 5% variance in colour from the first proof to the final product.
  • Never  underestimate the difference a stock can make to your colours. When choosing a colour please take into account what stock it will be printed on. One colour will appear differently when printed on different stocks.

Due to the movement that occurs during digital printing, printed borders are not recommended.
However if you do require a border to be printed for a 1 sided print job, please make the border no less than 10mm in width and extend by 3mm on each edge to include bleed.
We do not recommend a border for a 2 sided print job at all.

For more information take a look at our Artwork Guidelines.


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