How do I setup my artwork?

All artwork should be supplied in PDF format, one up.

Please make sure you have outlined your type, included crop marks and that your file are set in solid 100% black (K) in CMYK.

If we are only printing 1 PMS COLOUR, we just need one PDF of the artwork set up in solid 100% black (K) in CMYK.

With letterpress, each colour requires a new set of plates and a separate print run, so if we are printing in 2 PMS COLOURS, we need a PDF for each colour set up in solid 100% black (K) in CMYK and a mockup with how your artwork should look once letter pressed.

If we are letterpress and digitally printing your artwork we will need three files:

1. With the artwork to be digitally printing only.

2. With just the artwork to be letter pressed, set up in solid 100% black (K) in CMYK.

3. With how your artwork should look once printed and letter pressed.

Letterpress shines at printing colours at 100%, we don’t recommend using tints or shades. If you’d like to incorporate a lighter shade/colour, use a second lighter ink colour instead of a screen. Letterpress printing doesn’t reproduce large block areas of colour well.

Large solids tend to look mottled, textured or patchy when printed. Ink coverage should be less than half of the total printable area.

FONTS For best results we recommend a font size no smaller than 8pt ALL FONTS MUST BE OUTLINED. This can be done in InDesign and Illustrator by the “Create Outlines” command, found under the Type menu.

It’s a good idea to add extra letter-spacing or tracking on serif or sans serif fonts, especially capitals or small capitals (5-10%) to allow for the impression made into the paper.

Please contact us at if you are unsure about the suitability of your artwork.

For our full Letterpress Design Guidelines, please check our Artwork Guidelines.

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