How do I set up my artwork for Hot Foil Stamping?

All artwork should be supplied in PDF format, one up.
If we are foiling and digitally printing your artwork we will need three files:

  1. With the artwork to be digitally printing only.
  2. With just the artwork to be foiled.
  3. With how your artwork should look once printed and foiled.

If we are only foiling, we just need one PDF of the artwork.
Artwork for plates must be created in vector, not image based (raster/bitmap). This means that artwork needs to be created in Illustrator or InDesign or another program that creates vector based output files.

They must also be created in 100% colour values (preferably 100% black). You can’t make a gradient in a foil. You can’t do shading. Again, the reason for this is that the magnesium plate output has only black and white. So grays are output as a dot pattern. This doesn’t make for a usable die. For this reason, die art needs to be created in a CMYK colour space where black is 100% black, not 0 values of R, G and B.

For more information take a look at our Artwork Guidelines.

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