How do I set up my artwork for printing on Indie Handmade?

  1. All artwork needs to be supplied at finished size in PDF format.
  2. Please make sure all text is converted to curves/outlines, this will ensure that there will be no changes to the fonts.
  3. For all printing on the Indie Handmade stock we need all artwork and design elements to be at least 10mm (1cm) from the edge of the sheet (just like our envelope printing). We are unable to print full bleed or to the edge of the sheet.
  4. Ensure you convert all colours to CMYK. This is vital for your job to produce desirable results.

When designing for printing on Indie Handmade stock we suggest steering clear of large areas of flat colour, especially in light or pastel colours, as it is almost impossible to achieve a nice flat, uniform colour due to the highly textured nature of the stock.

The handmade nature of Indie Handmade means there are inconsistencies in each and every sheet. There can be extra thick areas and extra thin areas too. If you hold a sheet up to the sunlight, you can easily see. Also, due to the natural deckle edges, the sheets can be slightly different in sizes. While these inconsistencies make up the reasons why we love Indie, they're also the reason for inconsistencies in the printing processes.

You may see variations in the print across a run for all print processes we offer. For digital it may be slightly skewed due to the feed and less dense in colour over the extra thin areas. For foiling and letterpress, although the pressure applied to the foil and plate is the same with each impression, the different thicknesses of paper can mean slight filling in on small areas of type where the stock is thicker and very light impression or very light (and even sometimes missing) foil areas for the thin areas. Due to the feed, there may also be some skewed print.

Although we allow for and do not supply the obvious sheets that cannot be read or are terribly skewed, we suggest you design with this in mind and avoid lines and borders.

See our Artwork Guidelines for more information.


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