Tell me about the Paper Swatch?


The Paper SWATCH:

  • Paper samples are 210x50mm, fastened together with a plastic chicago screw with all paper names and weights printed on each sheet
  • There's also CMYK values of each colour which has been colour matched to our presses
  • The papers are in ALPHABETICAL order
  • All paper colours and weights available are sampled
  • They're designed to feel like a PMS book
  • You can pull apart the screw and add in additional samples made available
  • Each new swatch supplied comes with all samples up-to-date with current stocks, even if they are supplied loose. However there may be some discontinued stocks in there, depending on when the last batch was produced, so it is always best to check availability with our website or the list of stocks no longer available
  • Any new samples made available after your purchase of the Paper Swatch will need to be ordered separately. They are free of charge when added to an existing order
  • You'll be notified of new swatch updates as long as you're subscribed to our email list
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