Do you offer DIY Foil / Digital Foil / Toner Reactive Foil?

Currently we don't offer Toner Reactive Foiling, but we do offer professional toner-based printing and paper PERFECT for this exact purpose to use with your own DIY Foiling machine like the Heidi Swapp Minc Foil Applicator

...And this is how to get the best results possible with your Minc Foiler:

1. Print your design in RICH BLACK: C:100 | M:100 |Y:100 | K:100

2. Have our Printery print your job on MILKSHAKE 308gsm, MARSHMALLOW Crisp/Warm White or one of our GLAMOUR PUSS Metallic stock colours - our professional digital presses will put down a lot more toner than your home printer, which is one of the (BIG) secrets.

3. Order enough ‘testing’ overs.

4. Test heat settings 2, 3 or 4 (I reckon each machine might have their own heat levels), following the directions that come with the machine.

5. Different brands and batches of foil might deliver different results or need different settings...

6. If you want some areas left as digital black (or whatever colour), you'll need to cover them with baking paper or the toner will transfer to the carrier sheet (I know this because it happened to us when we tried to get creative - we cleaned it off with some gumption and it was no big deal in the end...)

7. Peel off the foil 

P.S. I bought our Minc Foiling machine from Spotlight but (some) laminators (hot ones with decent pressure - usually the more expensive ones) work too but the Minc comes with the all important carrier and instructions for about AUD$200!

NOTE: DIY foil DOES NOT work on uncoated paper stocks, which is why we only recommend the above paper stocks. TRF is great for one-off projects, but invariably there are specs of foil where they're not supposed to be. The foiling method we do in-house is called Hot Foil Stamping and the reason it is expensive is we need to create negatives, then magnesium plates (the most expensive part) which are etched in an acid bath. It's then positioned onto the heat plate, locked into the chase then using heat and pressure, the foil it 'stamped' onto the paper. You can see this in action on our Instagram Stories feed.

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