Can you foil on Translucent Vellum stock?

Our Printery experts can absolutely foil on translucent vellum... as long as the client is clear with their expectations of the (possible) end result. Our Printery team really are perfectionists and as we guarantee our work, we don’t like to say we can produce a perfect result when the conditions don’t always allow it.

The Vellum stock gives them grief you see. It has a surface that tries to repel the foil (kind of like a baking paper), which results in tiny spot-sized ‘holes’ where the foil has not taken to the stock. This is mainly noticeable on bolder areas of type, but is unpredictable.

Another factor is the foil shade. 385 Gold for example is so popular, it is made in lots of different grades and by many manufacturers, so if one doesn't work well, we can try another. Rose Gold on the other hand is available in limited grades, so the risk of 'holes' is greater.

There can be some curling occur especially when the foiling is then die cut.  We pop them under heavy books to try and get them flat before we send them out but bear in mind they may still be a bit 'curled' when you get them.

Solid areas or type over 5mm wide is not recommended, but as long as you’re aware of the potential results, we'll absolutely foil on this tricky stock for you, promising to give you the best results possible from our experienced professionals.



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