How to order plain die cut shapes

Plain_Diecut_Shape_A5.jpg Plain_Diecut_Shape_120x180.jpg Plain_Diecut_Shape_DL.jpg Plain_Diecut_Shape_A6.jpg

Order the correct amount of A4 card for how many die cuts you require (using the above diagrams as a guide).
You may have to order a few extras depending on the quantity of sheets in the pack.

Choose your stock and add it to your cart.

Go to The Printery > Print Finishing > Die Cutting and choose the shape and size you want.

Add the amount of die cutting you need to your cart.

If, for example, you want 50 x A5 arch shapes - then you will order 50 x A4 sheets and also 50 x A5 Arch Die Cutting (as we only get 1 out of the A4 sheet as per the diagram above).

If, however, you want 60 x 120x180mm arch shapes - then you will order 30 x A4 sheets (3 packs of 10) and 60 x 120x180 Arch Die Cutting because we get 2 out of an A4 sheet for that size (see diagram above).

A4 card comes in packs of 10 and 50 so you may like to adjust your order for die cutting to use all the sheets in the pack or we will include with your die cutting order the unused sheets as blank A4s.

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