How to interview a designer

We love design, we really do.

But over the years we have discovered what we truly love to do (and are pretty damn good at if we’re honest) is take a step back and create the stage for designers to shine.

The best way for you to find designers we work with is via our socials.

We do our best to promote those designers who we know are top of their game.  Not only have they studied graphic design but they have plenty of hands-on experience too.  They understand print processes and how we operate, so together we work in synergy to produce jaw-dropping designs that’ll mean your event is the talk of the town!

By now in fact, you have probably narrowed down your options and seen a couple of styles that you love.

But where do you go from here?

We suggest you contact your shortlist of designers and ask a few simple questions. Then your decision should be easy…… hopefully!

Can you fit our wedding into your schedule?

Probably the most crucial question to ask is if the designer has time and availability to help you – you’ve got a date in mind so make sure that your designer has the time to work with you. 

If they’re good then expect that they may be booked out for months in advance.

What do you charge and what does that include?

Understand their pricing structure and what it does (and doesn’t) include.

Proofs, samples, how many sets of revisions.  Be wary of the cheapest quote as it may end up being the most expensive if it doesn’t include revisions or samples.

If you’ve seen a design of theirs that you like, be sure to tell them! If the hard work is already done then it may be a semi-custom design which often works out less expensive than the designer starting something from scratch for you.

Can I see samples to help choose the paper?

Find out if they offer a sample service – we would always recommend that you see and touch a paper before you make your final decisions… it’s the only way to be sure that you get exactly what you think you are. 

Remember that colours and texture can look very different on a screen to how they look in the real world. You don’t need to be in the same town as the designer of your choice if they offer an efficient sample service.


Ultimately, you’ll get a feel for your designer when you first chat to them and it’s like anything – go with your gut… you need to get on, so it helps if they’re approachable in the first place.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  This is YOUR day and it deserves to be perfect in every way.

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